Order your favorite Blue Stallion beer to serve on draft at home!

Order Kegs

  • How to Get:

    Store Pickup Only.

    610 West 3rd Street, Lexington, KY 40508

    Keg Filling:

    We will fill a 1/6 bbl recyclable keg once we have confirmed payment for your order. A recyclable keg means no $40 deposit and no return trip to the brewery. Yay!

    Keg Size: 

    1/6 bbl or 5.16 gallons – Approximately 48 beer pours in 16 oz cups or glasses.

    Beer Availability:

    Some seasonal and specialty beers may not be available in a keg. Depending on inventory, we can usually process your order and have the keg filled within two business days after payment is received.


    • Flagship Series: $100
    • Seasonal Series: $110
    • Specialty Series: $120

    Restocking Fee:

    All orders may be subect to a $40 restocking fee if not picked up at the brewery within 30 days.