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Do y'all have food?

Yes! We have a kitchen inside Blue Stallion called Salt & Vinegar. Please follow the link to learn more about their delicious menu!


Do y'all allow dogs?

Yes! We welcome all dogs that are well behaved. Please make sure to have them on a leash and with you at all times.


Are y'all kid friendly?

Why of course we are! Please be responsible and look after your kids at all times inside and outside of the building. We are a production facility after all and this is for everyone's safety here.


Do y'all take reservations for a private party?

We offer reservations for anyone's private party for things such as a birthday, baby shower, graduations, engagement parties, etc. Please call  the following number 877-928-2337 and ask for Mike Abbott. You may also email us for more information. 


Do y'all have any policies for a reservation or private party?

Yes we sure do! Please carefully read through our form to ensure that not only are the guidelines followed, but so that we can all a fun time together.


Do y'all have non-alcoholic options?

We make an in-house lemonade that is a crowd favorite around here. We also provide soda, either via bottle or gun. 


Do y'all fill growlers, have to-go cans and/or kegs?

Yes, we do offer growler fills, however, we do not have any empty growlers for sale. You will need to bring in your own clean one for us to be able to fill. We have cans to go in our to-go refrigerator and have between 10-18 unique brands throughout the year. Kegs can be ordered via this link: order here.


Do y'all have live music and/or events?

Please consult our monthly calendar for events such as live music, trivia, games, beer specials, tastings, etc. Click here.


Why is the bar so tall?

Depends on which story you want to hear. Truth is, no one really knows, but it gives us a great reason to either give a grandoise tale or even tell people to ride into the taproom on their horse to order a beer. Best of all though, we can say that we are the world's tallest bar! 


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